Frequently Asked Questions

What is ? is an easy & best online advertising site in Nepal. It also conducted different activities to increase the knowledge of visitors.


Is it totally free to post any Advertise?

Yes, has a facility to place a FreeAD without any hidden fees. But it has a limited no. of products/services.


Do we need to pay for registration/membership?

No, it’s totally free to registration and posting FreeAd.


Do I need to renew my membership or product/services Ads ?

No need to renew your membership, it is one time registration and life time membership services. But some premium packages need to be renewing on time. Else, your product will not show on this site.


Does has a paying services too ? How much cost it?

Yes, if you would like, we have a number of premium packages you can purchase for your ad, including featured, highlight ads, special ad, sms ad by mobile. Package cost is moderate, very less incomer can also able to purchase.


How do I place a Freead?

At first, fill up registration form with your correct information. Then you will receive your activation link and message in your given email address. After successful activation, you could be login with using user id and password. If login is successful, you will get regular guides in welcome page, and then follow according to.


Does the posted free ad or premium ad will direct displays on page? How long it takes time to verify ?

Only auto verified ad is directly published. But, every posted ad should be verified by site administrator. And it may verify within 24 to 48 hours. If your advertisement is emergency, you could be contact the site owner at any time.


Will my Freead appear in any papers?

No, Freeads will only appear online.


How many Freeads can I list?

You may list 4 product/services up to 16 images advertisement are in free, but you could be edited multiple times. As well as, you may purchase available package and publish a hundreds of products on this site.


How long will my Freead run for?

Normally, if the deadline is not specified all Freead run for life time or according to your system. If you wish to either remove or upgrade your Freead at any point during this time, you can do so.


Is this a Site owner buyer or seller?

We are neither a buyer nor a seller. Just create a meeting and trading opportunity place for product/services seller or buyer, any premises like vehicle/apartment/house/flat/room on rent giver or searcher, job vacancy poster or seeker etc.


Who could be buying or sell product or services?

Everybody could be buying or selling through this site, if they are contacted each other and understanding with compromise their reasonable services & prices. But the site owner never does compromiser or witness for your transaction.


What happens when I have registered the multiple times?

If you are a genuine user, you will use the same one account all the times. If you forgotten your password, you can easily resetting it or you may contact to the site owner. The site owner has reserved the rights to suspense or removes the account or product at any time, if users look like clever.


What happens when I have posted the same products multiple times?

We believe in that genuine user always posted the special product/services to promotion well. Else, the site owner has reserved the rights to suspense or removes the account or product/services at any time, if the users do so.


At what situation my posted ad will not display?

It may your product or services renewal time or premium type advertisement.


Do I get YouTube video or Google map adding facility?

Yes, but for the company users only.


How do I change the price of something I’m advertising?

Changing price or information is very easy. You are able to do from your product control panel.


If I’ve sold my item! How do I remove the Freead?

Removing a Freead or premium ad is very easy. You are the owner of your product control panel, so you can find and remove from the list.


How can I update my email address / phone number?

You can update any of your personal details, except email address from the Edit Profile page. Please note that we do not display your private email address on your Freead. But the person directly contact by email to you.


Who will be responsible, If the posted Ad or Information is wrong and such information may harmful the user?

Selection & publishing of right information responsibility is yourself, you may use in your way. But the site owner will not responsible such information, what the user uses.


If you have any other questions that weren't answered here, please feel free to contact us.