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9. Without any prior notice an advertiser ad shall be deactivate, whoever complaint in Judicial or Site Owner till the final decision.

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11. Every Advertiser must put their full and right information with your ad, elsewhere owner will not compel to publish.

12. Except free services, Fee applicable advertising/services will be publishing after receiving the amount from the advertiser.

13. Due to loss/damage by using advertiser’s ad, Users shall be solely liable for that.

14. If an Advertisers or Users does doubtful activities, their account will be suspended/blocked/deleted or informed to the respective authorities to take action as per the custom law of the country.

15. Due to loss/damage by advertising on this site, advertisers shall be solely liable for that.

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17. You must follow special services additional terms and condition, if the services is under lying in this site.

18. Unrelated Messages, spamming, hate & referring to illegal like messages content is prohibited to send to advertisers or users.